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Officiant Hiring Tip #1:
When selecting a Wedding Clergy, Judge, or other type of Wedding Minister, be certain that they know how to use a microphone, if having amplified sound! You'd be surprised how many Wedding Officiants don't know the difference between a microphone that is omni-directional and one that is mono-directional!
Officiant Hiring Tip #2:
before hiring a Wedding Officiant make certain that they offer an agreeable back-up, in the event of their sudden unavailability. Loss of voice , illness, etc., are possible and may leave you stranded for an Officiator!  We provide Emergency Wedding Clergy Guarantee Service!
Officiant Hiring Tip #3:
Before hiring a Wedding Officiant make certain that you & your fiancee will have say in the type of clothing , the Officiator, will wear to preside at your ceremony. Believe you me, couples have seen all kinds of get-ups! Not very complimentary at that!

Wedding ceremony planning tips on " how to select your wedding officiant ". This Clergy Network planning tool will help you to better select your wedding judge, justice of the peace, officiator, marriage ceremony minister , rabbi , Roman Catholic priest or non-denominational wedding presider!

Before meeting with your potential Officiator, Minister, Clergy , Justice of the Peace, Wedding Judge, Rabbi, etc.,. Research the Officiant's reputation in the wedding community. Ask for references to couples they have previously married and/or wedding professionals they have worked with on a regular basis. Check references until you are satisfied.

Note:  If the references are to wedding professionals, be certain that they are recommending your potential Officiant, because they are good at what they do, as well as reliable..... Not simply due to financial " kick-backs " between the Officiant & that wedding professional. Nor due to the Officiant's payment to the wedding location for his/her advertisement in the same location's wedding brochure !

Before meeting for an in-person interview of your possible Wedding Officiator, be certain as to the Officiant's range of education & training in - public speech, wedding ceremony planning, wedding ceremony & vow construction & writing. If the Officiator seems knowledgeable, is degreed & trained accordingly, etc, schedule an interview.

Also Before Interviewing, Make Certain of Some of the Following:
1.  That you will have a choice of wedding ceremony content & vows. Gives bride & groom more assurance & control.

2.  That the Officiant will provide you, at the interview, with plenty of ceremony ideas & customs, even wedding ceremony samples, etc.

3.  That the Officiant will help in the process of the constructing of your wedding ceremony content or vows. Even, teaching you the "how-to's" of ceremony construction. An Officiant that is willing to do this, will more likely "stick to" your previously "agreed upon" wedding ceremony text, on your wedding day. Gives a bride & groom more assurance & control.

4.  That the Officiant will guarantee he/she will "stick to", the agreed upon ceremony content & wording.

5.  That the Officiant will offer you a reasonable choice as to his/her wedding day apparel. The right colour/colours, style, etc is very important for your wedding pictures' look & feel. Some religious groups may have their own "officially prescribed" garb, many other Officiant types, do not. Choice here, gives bride & groom more assurance & control.

6.  That the potential Officiant will be the one presiding over your wedding ceremony, if selected. Make certain that he/she will give a guarantee in writing on this.

7.  As to whether or not they require marriage counseling, what sort? With whom? At the end of this counseling could they choose not to preside over your marriage? Leaving you stranded at the last minute for a wedding clergy?

8.  If a religious ceremony, whether or not they expect any special religious understanding and/or requirements, church membership, etc., on your part.

View The Clergy Network BrochureBe Certain- that your potential Officiant meets with you prior to booking their services. This meeting may double as an interview & wedding ceremony planning session. This is the time for the Officiant to show you who they are & how much they really know about weddings and wedding presiding.

Be Certain - that the Officiant you set-up to interview is the one who will be at the interview. Some Officiants, Clergy, Ministers, Officiant groups, etc., will set-up an appointment with one person & another show-up to be interviewed! Remember, in this scenario, you would have already begun to research one officiant, now needlessly to start over again!

Be Certain - that the prospective officiant have a full time trained staff, available to answer your questions during the weeks before your wedding. If you need a quick answer, and your officiant is not available, his/her staff members are there ready to assist you.

At the Meeting Discuss at Least Some of the Following:
1. How he/she might handle potentially embarrassing or tense wedding ceremony moments on your wedding day (ie. what if the groom forgets his vows, faints, the microphone acts-up, the wedding singer forgets the words to the song, flower girl and/or ring bearer won't behave or walk down the aisle, etc.)

2. If they have an acceptable "back-up" in the event of an emergency on the wedding ceremony day or prior to. If left unable to officiate, would they just drop you? What is their "standard operating procedure", in the event of emergency?

3. Do they offer an emergency contact number on the day of the wedding? You may have a need to contact them on the wedding day, prior to the ceremony.

4. Will they furnish you with an agreed upon "finalized draft" of your wedding ceremony?

5. Upon booking, will they put the pertinent details in writing ?

6. What specific services are covered in the Officiant donation, fees, etc , for their presiding over your wedding ceremony? Sometimes, a couple is only paying for the Officiant's authority to marry them, and should not expect more service than this on the day.

7.  "How to obtain a legal marriage license", in your state or the county of marriage. The Officiant should give you tips on the most time efficient way to obtain your license? How long it is good for?

8. Religious or other requirements not yet discussed.

9. Do they offer wedding rehearsal coordination or will they attend the wedding rehearsal? Some Officiants will not attend the rehearsal under any circumstances, or may charge for the services.

10. Will they provide "wedding day ceremony coordination?" Do they help to inform & coordinate the "working together" of wedding vendors associated with the wedding ceremony itself, (ie., photographer, ceremony music provider, wedding singer, wedding coordinator, wedding ceremony readers, sound technician, etc. Your Wedding Officiant should be to the wedding ceremony what your reception M.C., D.J., or Wedding Band Musicians are to the wedding reception - facilitator, organizer, coordinator, etc. This is especially true, if there is no real " hands on " wedding planner or banquet coordinator at your wedding venue.)

11. As a part of the "Officiator ' s" Wedding Day Coordination, will they be responsible for the proper placement of wedding ceremony related items on a table, or in the ceremony display area? Will they complete a sound check for voice levels, if utilizing a microphone? Will they make certain the "Unity Candles" & lighter are where they should be? Will they place the "roses" for the mother of bride and/or groom, safely in the ceremony area?

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