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Wedding Ceremony Writing Package

INCLUDES: Your Professional Ceremony Writer * Your Choice of Inter-Faith,Civil, Religious, Christian, Jewish, Or Themed Wedding Ceremony Content *

INCLUDES: Access To Our Own Proprietary On-Line Wedding Ceremony Editing Software And Marriage Materials Database!

INCLUDES:   Pre Ceremony Organization- Special E-Mail Questionnaire - ( From The Assigned Professional Ceremony Writer )* The Returned E-Mailed Answers Help Create An Initial Drafting Of The Ceremony!*

INCLUDES: Personal Content - A Workbook (This 3 Step Book Of  Pre-Vows, Vows & Ring Words (valued at $24.95).  This Create-A-Wedding Vow Kit , as Seen In, "Martha Stewart's Living-Bridal Edition", Is Sent Via Mail, E-Mail or  Fax. With The Selections Made By Bride & Groom, The Wedding Ceremony Is Further Completed By Your Assigned Ceremony Writer.

INCLUDES: The Ceremony Completion - An E-Mail Questionnaire From Bride's and Groom's, Assigned Ceremony Writer. With The Bride's & Groom's Answers, These Sections Of The Marriage Ceremony Are Address...

1.  The Honouring of Their Parents,    Grandparents or Children.

2.   How Bride And Groom Met.

3.  Why They Have Come To Love Each Other.

4.  Humorous Moments.

5.  Wedding Additions/Traditions/Customs/ etc, Are Created & Then Added To The Existing Ceremony Content. Such As...The "Unity Candle" Ceremony, The "Wine Ceremony", The "Giving of a Rose" Ceremony, The "Family Unity" Ceremony, the "Certificate" Ceremony, "Children's Vow" Ceremony, The "Memory Candle" Ceremony, the "Remembrance Table." Additions / Traditions / Customs / etc, Are Then Crafted to the Bride & Groom's Taste! This is the, "Icing On The Cake", Part Of The Wedding Ceremony Construction!

INCLUDES: Final Ceremony Draft- The Bride's & Groom's Personalized Wedding Ceremony Is Finished! Their Unique & Individualized Ceremony Is Sent Via E-Mail, Fax or Post!  The Bride & Groom Are Utilizing Our On-line Editing System.... A Decorative Copy Of The Ceremony Is Printed On A Download!

Bride & Groom Are Encouraged To Proudly Tell the World That Their Wedding Ceremony Or Marriage Vows Were Specially Crafted With The Help Of A Professional Wedding Ceremony Writer!

Order Your Wedding Ceremony Writing Package


69.95 (Plus $ 7.95 Handling)
All Major Credit Cards Accepted World-Wide.
Check or Money Order in US Dollars


Most of today's wedding ceremonies are boring, uneventful meaningless or even embarrassing!

The average Wedding Officiant/Clergy/Minister/Judge/Justice of The Peace... see the ceremony wording as a "platform" to express their opinions! Brides and Grooms often have little or no say in the marriage ceremony wording! Couples about to marry need to "take control" of their marriage ceremony content!

Sometimes, the bride & groom don' t even enjoy their own wedding vows! Simply because they are not allowed to include their own words, but must submit to the Officiator's / Minister's / Judge's or Clergy's, understanding of love and marriage!

Wedding guests are known to "skip" the ceremony, and attend the reception only! The reception celebration has more meaning for them!

In this day and time, a bride and groom now have choice as to what is said in their wedding vows and marriage ceremony! There are now alternatives!

Let Us Help You Construct Your Wedding Vows & Marriage Ceremony! Even if you have already selected your Wedding Officiant!

  • We have officiated and written thousands of wedding ceremonies for brides and grooms world - wide. We know how to personalize vows and wedding ceremony wording on a couple by couple basis.
  • Wedding Clergy/ Justices' of The Peace / Rabbis' / Ministers / Notaries ... Even sons of Senators, have used our marriage ceremony and wedding vows only writing services!
  • People in the entertainment industry....Famous Hollywood T.V. writers, casting directors & news journalists have found our ceremony writing services to be just what they needed! These communication professionals, about to marry, knew the importance of having a marriage ceremony writer to craft their meaningful wedding ceremony and  personalized wedding vows! So Can You!
  • Our wedding ceremonies also have been seen on  national television....   "Weddings For A Life Time" , "Control", etc.!
  • Our specially wedding ceremonies have been broadcast via internet, from Costa Rica, etc! Now, internationally viewed personalized wedding vows and marriage ceremony wording by The Clergy Network!


Give this one-of-a-kind gift to the recently engaged at the....bridal shower or as the bride & groom are planning their wedding ceremony!

Even given as a unique birthday,christmas or a valentine's day gift to the recently engaged. Also as a present to those who are about to renew their wedding vows. A  wedding ceremony / vows written quickly & easily with our help ! 

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The Clergy Network ... A Wedding Officiant & Clergy Referral Service...Officiating Southern California Weddings for 17 Years! Featuring Career, Degreed & Public Speech Trained Wedding Officiators & Other Wedding Clergy... Including Judges... Justices of the Peace... Rabbis.... Priests...Wedding Celebrants... & Non-Denominational Marriage Ministers ... Presiding Over Civil, Religious, Interfaith or Bi-Lingual Wedding Ceremonies! Serving Southern California.

Office: (714) 970 8839

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