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California Confidential Marriage License- For Orange County Private Marriage License Issuance

(714) 970 8839

Not A Clergy Network Client? Already Have Wedding Officiator or Clergy Or Minster? TCN Can Still Issue Your California Confidential Marriage License?

Private Marriage License Issuance Appointment - What Is One to Two Days Of Your Time Worth?

Marriage LIcense IssuanceWhy A Private Marriage License Appointment? Applying for a marriage license is usually time consuming at best. The frustrations associated with the process can add additional labor and grief. A private California Marriage License appointment and issuance equates to valuable time and money saved by bride and groom, minus the frustrations. A private appointment is offered by few approved Orange County, California issuing agents, operating under the Orange County California Clerk Recorder for Marriage License Issuance. In fact, these few agents usually provide this service only to their clients. TCN will issue a California Confidential Marriage License to eligible couples, whether or not performing the wedding ceremony.

A private appointment helps to assure the following:

  • No money lost by taking a day off from work for application and issuance of marriage license

  • No time lost by taking a day off from work. An extra day to get ahead of the work before the honeymoon

  • No need to keep updated in changes to marriage license issuance requirements or identification documentations. Sudden changes in issuing protocol can affect license issuance. To arrive at the Clerk's office only to find that you do not have what is now needed to apply is a waste of time and money. To return to the Clerk's office on another day, not acceptable or practical.

  • Once at governmental buildings, no misinformation as to what division to apply. Avoiding the "run-around" from division to division.

  • No downtown parking garage related fees

  • Avoidance of long lines. No contending with dozens of other couples (or more) applying for marriage license.

  • No waiting for a County Clerk computer to be free for imputing of the data needed for marriage license to be issued

  • No learning "how" to fill out the marriage license on computer. No need to become familiar with marriage license application software. No need to understand marriage license related terminology or to re-input incorrectly given information.

  • No need to wait as marriage license is generated. Either due to large number of bride and groom applicants or to County Clerks also performing marriage ceremonies.

  • No need to be uncertain as to marriage license filing procedures. Detailed filling and filing instructions, received at a private issuing appointment and communicated to your marriage officiator, cuts down on careless mistakes.

  • Being un-informed as to certain name change or change of marital status notification documentation. Bride name change or change of marital status notification information, paperwork, forms and forms- filling software, along with online name change notebook, planner and tracking system is included with license issuance.

  • Loss of the marriage license relative to its improper filing or handling by the wedding officiator (clergy, minister, justice of the peace, priest, rabbi, etc.), post office, etc. TCN keeps a record of each couple's marriage license information, inclusive of issuance number, in the event of the County Clerk office's need to reissue.

What & How To Apply With Private Appointment
The Confidential Marriage License may be applied for, on-line, here at TCN. After application, a private appointment will be arranged between the Orange County California Clerk Recorder's authorized issuer and the marrying couple. Day, evening or weekend appointments are offered.

If requested, the following are several additional services available at marriage license issuing appointment:


  • Marriage ceremony solemnization by marriage license issuer. Contact TCN for details.

  • Emergency Wedding Officiator Guarantee Assurance. Please Note - this guarantee may be purchased prior to the marriage license at this TCN web site. This inexpensive "assurance" plan is perfect for any marrying couple. As most wedding clergy, ministers, civil celebrants or other officiators do not provide a "back-up" in the event of their illness, etc., a "guarantee" package is not an option. The TCN emergency wedding clergy guarantee package provides an emergency "back-up" officiator to cover in the event of your officiator's inability to preside over your marriage. Guarantee Package : $ 195.00 ( includes choice of civil, non-religious or religious marriage ceremony)

Where Does The Marriage License Issuing Appointment Take Place?
This convenient issuance programme offers appointments at locations throughout Orange County. The following opportunities are available:

Option 1

  • Marriage license is issued at an Orange County Clerk Recorder's authorized issuer's mobile location $195.00

Option 2

  • Marriage license is issued at the applicant's location by Orange County Clerk Recorder's authorized issuer $295.00

Option 3

  • Marriage license is delivered to couple's wedding location on wedding rehearsal day or day of the wedding by a Orange County Clerk Recorder's authorized issuer $395.00

What Is Included With Private Appointment Service?

  • Pre-application for marriage license on-line

  • Convenient private appointment on day, evening or weekend. At marriage license issuers mobile location, at marrying couple's location , wedding rehearsal or day of the wedding

  • All issuer related pre-preparation paperwork, notarization, etc. completed prior to private appointment by Orange County Clerk Recorders authorized issuer

  • Detailed instructions on proper marriage license completion and filing by wedding officiant, minister, justice of the peace, Rabbi, Roman Catholic priest, or other marriage celebrant

  • Detailed instructions on obtaining certified copies of marriage license

  • Bride name change instructions and paperwork. Inclusive of name change forms, instructions, planning guide, fillable forms software and on-line name change notebook and tracking software. Groom, change of marital status notification paperwork.

  • All travel fees - including parking fees, gasoline, travel time, toll road or other travel related expenses

  • All non-business hours appointment fees - evening, weekend or holiday

  • Marriage license & pre-marriage license issuance preparation

Requirements - California Confidential Marriage License

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older

  • Applicants must be marrying within a 90 day period from marriage license issuance

  • Applicants must be living together as unmarried husband and wife, prior to marriage license issuance

  • Applicants must provide acceptable State or Federal identification

  • Applicants must be marrying within Orange County, California

  • Additional requirements may apply - contact TCN for details

Please Note- TCN can help with the issuance of a marriage license in, for example, Los Angeles County Marriage License issuance.

Please Note: An application request submitted less than 4 days from the wedding date, may incur additional fees. Be certain to apply for your marriage license and private issuance appointment at least four business days before the marriage ceremony.

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