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Selecting Your Wedding Venue & Minister or Justice Of The Peace, Officiator, Judge, Catholic Priest, Rabbi or Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant
Like other Southern California cities, Orange County’s, San Clemente, offers a variety of wedding reception and wedding ceremony locations. A bride’s and groom’s preferred wedding venue… park, private estate or home, hotel, restaurant, garden, courtyard, museum, banquet hall, boat or ship, church or chapel, etc., will lead to certain marriage ceremony related considerations.

To Consider When Selecting A Wedding Ceremony Location & Wedding Officiant:

Your wedding clergy, minister or justice of the peace should be familiar with your outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony environment. When selecting the officiator ascertain…..

  • The physical condition of the officiant relative to your chosen wedding site environ…i.e., inarticulate or soft speaking voice, untidy appearance, or overall state of health.
  • Their knowledge of your general marriage ceremony environ…i.e., park, beach, garden, etc.
  • Their knowledge of your specific marriage ceremony location in San Clemente, Southern California.
  • Their actual experiences at your chosen wedding place… i.e. their opinion on the wedding sites sound system, the location’s wedding coordinator, caterer, or potential ceremony area concerns.

More On Matching Your Wedding Location To The Right Wedding Officiant, Minister Or Justice of the Peace, Priest or Rabbi:

  • Do not automatically settle for the clergy, officiant, minister or justice of the peace, included in your wedding ceremony package. Such an officiator is probably included because they are willing to “short cut”, sacrificing the importance of your wedding ceremony, to provide maximum profit for the location’s owner.
  • Consider bringing in a carefully selected “outside” career officiant (at a higher financial cost). It is better to pay more than for the bride to “cry her eyes out” after her poorly presented marriage ceremony. A meaningful & competently given marriage ceremony can be as important as great wedding pictures. A bumbling wedding minister or judge is not an option.
  • Pick a “real” officiant who chose their career and loves their work…happy about marriage and who enjoys participating in the wedding ceremony. A career officiant…not a part-timer … a newcomer…or someone who avoided proper training through “internet “ordination.
  • Choose a bride and groom centered ceremony and officiator. Avoid gimmicky clergy marketing….. officiant guy, marrying man , comic clergy or 1- 800marrycheap, etc, as this kind of advertising places the spotlight on the minister. This is your day, not the officiant’s for trying out bad jokes or expressing their opinions.
  • Make certain that you are educated in the important guarantees only offered by screened career degreed officiants. With the right knowledge, a bride and groom can expect the wedding ceremony of their dreams.
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How Can The Clergy Network Help You To Realize The Wedding Ceremony and Marriage Vows Of Your Dreams?

Knowing San Clemente, Orange County, California wedding ceremony locations, The Clergy Network, offers a variety of wedding officiants for interview. Our selection of religious ceremony officiants…ministers, clergy, etc. and other officiators skilled in the non-religious ceremony, are trained, degreed and screened career wedding professionals. A bride and groom is given choice of wedding ceremony, marriage vows content & civil wedding officiator or minister… participate in a marriage ceremony planning session…. are assigned a ceremony writer and given our proprietary wedding ceremony creation software…. can expect “week of” ceremony consultation and “day of” coordination… and are guaranteed a qualified “backup” officiator assigned to their selected officiator. Name change and marriage license information, paperwork and requirements will also be provided. For More Information on San Clemente - Orange County- Southern California Marriage Ceremonies & Wedding Vows, Contact The Clergy Network, A Wedding Officiant Referral Service, at (714) 970 8839 (Main Office In Southern California). Celebrating 17, Very Successful Years Of Wedding Ceremony Officiation!

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